The Clubhouse

Large purpose built clubhouse,
having  comfortable accommodation
occupies an elevated position
overlooking the tracks and ground. It
is equipped with a kitchen to provide
refreshments for the members and

  The Garden Railway Tracks   

Garden railway

Both tracks are brass rail on plastic
sleepers with two lines for both
gauges. The O gauge track is
approximately 180ft. The Gauge 1
track is approximately 450ft. in length.
Steaming bays are provided.


Raised track

Steel track on recycled plastic sleepers, fully
signalled with steaming bays. Anti-tip
bar not fitted.
Minimum radius 12 metres (40 ft.).
Loading and unloading facilities
provided. Track length 319 metres
(1035 ft.). 12 and 24 volt Blower supply.

 5" Raised Track    
   Ground Level Track  

Ground level track

Steel track on wooden sleepers, track
circuited, fully signalled with steaming
bays, turntable and carriage shed.
Minimum radius 15 metres (50 ft.).
Loading/unloading hydraulic lift.  Track
length 342 metres (1113 ft.). 12 and 24
volt Blower supply.


 Please Note:- Our running regulations state that all steam locomotives of any gauge, will require a

current Federation Boiler Test Certificate to be available for inspection, prior to any run.


Rolling stock

Passenger cars are available for both the raised and ground level tracks.
Vacuum brakes are fitted as standard.


Ladies, Gentlemen and disabled toilets with hand washing facilities.

Tunnel clearances


 BSME Tunnels

Raised track

A Tunnel height – from ground 1.6m (5ft 3in)
B Tunnel width 1.8m (6ft 0in)
C Tunnel height from rail 1.2m (3ft 10in)
D Rail height from ground 432mm (1ft 5in)
E Tunnel radius 1.2m (4ft 0in)
F Tunnel wall height 1.1m (3ft 8in)

 Track Clearances

Ground level track

A Tunnel height from rail 1.7m (5ft 5in)
B Tunnel width 1.8m (6ft 0in)
C Maximum carriage height from rail 1.5m (4ft 11in)
D Maximum carriage width 609mm (2ft 0in)
E Minimum distance between stock & track obstruction 279mm (11in)
F Minimum distance between stock & tunnel wall 559mm (1ft 3in)
G Minimum stock clearance 609mm (2ft 0in)
H Minimum distance between tracks – rail centres 1.2m (4ft 0in)
J Tunnel radius 1.2m (4ft 0in)
K Tunnel wall height 1.3m (4ft 2in)


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